Welcome to the DAOGE.eth
Welcome to the DAOGE.eth

Welcome to the DAOGE.eth

a $DOG DAO, a metalabel for fractionalized memes, and an internet cult social club.
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The DAOGE.eth

The DAOGE will manifest the fractionalized NFT meme economy and make $DOG the reserve currency of the internet.
you can
you can own the Internet’s Greatest Meme

Community Calls Every Thursday

oh yeah, we got POAPS
oh yeah, we got POAPS


The Bark Tank

Our grant program for $DOG ecosystem projects! Proposals are ratified by the Bark Tank Council, primarily made up of active members of the community.

Ideal Bark Tank Projects:

  • are Doge and $DOG related,
  • spread the gospel of Doge to the various corners of the metaverse,
  • serve the community’s best interest,
  • are fun, creative, and out-of-the-box,
  • and won’t break the bank.


We’ll mostly look at execution power & the idea/concept. We’ll consider the skill set and track record of the team as well as how much the idea adds value to the community at large, and above all, whether it will be much wow.

Grant Sizes

Dreams of all dog sizes will be reviewed, with most projects skewing on the lower end of the spectrum. Dream big, dogs! We’ll aim to approve approximately 3-4 projects per month. Depending on the scale of each idea, it could be more.


After an initial YAY/NAY phase, we open a discord channel with your team to iterate on your idea and coordinate funding in $DOG. After the Bark Tank Council approves your finalized proposal, it’ll either pass immediately or go to a DAOGE-wide snapshot vote to be formally ratified.


Layer3 Bounties

Every month we publish bounties about spreading knowledge about $DOG and the DAOGE far and wide — it’s an easy way for you as a content creator to get involved, rather than swapping for $DOG outright.


Advisory Councils

DAOGE Multisigners (3/5)

TDHD (Two Dolla Hot Doge) — tdhd.eth

coldplunge — coldplunge.eth

tridog — tridog.eth

Zona — 0x2586181d6544b49060d48f8c1322339ed2876f16

Core Team


Bark Tank Council


Governance Proposal Flow

  1. An idea/suggestion is made in discord/notion, and a working group of interested parties forms.
  2. The working group discusses and provides feedback to refine the idea into a draft proposal posted in this notion.
  3. The relevant Advisory Council evaluates the draft proposal or offers feedback.
  4. Depending on the scope, cost, and potential impact of the proposal, it can be ratified in one of three ways:
    1. if the scope, cost, or impact is of low severity, the relevant council can pass the proposal.
    2. if the scope, cost, or impact is of medium severity, the relevant council will host a Discord poll to get a temperature check and pass/reject only on overwhelming outcomes
    3. if the scope, cost, or impact is of high severity, a snapshot vote will occur.
  5. In all cases of a passing proposal, it will be executed either by:
    1. The Multisigners, from daoge.eth
    2. The Operational Wallet, an EOA shared between core team members that will never hold more than $50,000 worth of $DOG, reloaded as necessary. Refills to the Operational Wallet will come from Community Fund via multi-signer execution on an as-needed basis.

Roadmap & Plans

We’re still porting our internal roadmap into a public document. Thanks for your patience!

🚧 Roadmap Calendar

Tokenomics / Treasury


PleasrDAO currently retains 55% of the $DOG supply. Vote-locking and other locking mechanics are being discussed. The Liquidity Positions on DEXs linked above are financed by PleasrDAO, which means they are part of the 55%.

The DAOGE governs 25% of the $DOG supply, and the rest is in circulation via the original auction.

Do Only Good Everyday

The DAOGE aims to ‘Do Only Good Everyday’ by facilitating joyful, delightful experiences and donating a shit ton of money to various charities as a side effect of having fun on the internet.

Charity Donations

The original $DOG auction donated $1,000,000 to Save The Children (the largest crypto donor ever) as well as $1M to dog charities (S.T.A.R.T. Rescue and Ace of Hearts) and Angel Protocol.

Our ~$500k Angel Protocol endowment provides a constant stream of DeFi yield, which the DAOGE can vote to redirect to timely causes, most recently benefitting Ukraine.

  • 6.9 ETH Doga Lisa charity auction

How It Started

$DOG is Backed by the iconic Doge meme, the internet’s Mona Lisa, originally fractionalized by PleasrDAO in September 2021.